Halloween decoration and cupcakes

I decided I needed to be super hyper, so I made some cupcakes! 🙂 Yesterday, we also put up all of the Halloween decorations. The grim reaper is funny cause it makes a noise when the mail comes through the slot in the door, hehe. Maybe we’ll scare a few mailmen. Not much is going on. I slept in a bit..I guess I’m jetlagged. You can see pictures of the cupcakes here and the pictures of the Halloween decorations are here.


  1. The cupcakes do look good and very Halloweeny (is that a word?). Did you get to get on the plane with your cans? I’ve got to know.

    • Hey Dad, no I didn’t get to go in with the cans or the syrup. I don’t know how canned goods are liquid but whatever.

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