Changing electricity plugs…

While waiting for the furniture to arrive (they are late or so it seems), I thought it would be nice to write another update. We managed to clear all the old stuff. I went to city dump to drop off old (broken) furniture this morning. I also went to the hardware store to find solutions for a socket that will be hiding behind cabinets.

The solution was that I had to change the plugs on a few things. Leann had never seen this before, so she was a bit scared that the whole thing would go up in fire. Fortunately I had done this a few times before in my life, so I just had to brush up the knowledge a bit. Changing the second plug went easier than the first one. Everything is still intact 😀

There’s still quite some work to do after the furniture arrives. We will have to finish this work as I have to get into other important things as of tomorrow. Hopefully the furniture will arrive soon.


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