Voluntary work, paid work and a day off

Today was my regular day off. I got up early this morning to visit my Mom for coffee. After that I headed downtown to get a new battery for my watch. I also needed a Polish dictionary for my voluntary work and found a good one, I think. It translates both ways and it’s small. Just the way I like it.

Teaching Dutch is really going awesome. I enjoy it very much, now that I am so well prepared. The past few weeks I managed to write another two booklets with enclosures which will come in handy later on this year. I look forward to record the contents of these booklets on video and publish them on YouTube. Hopefully that will generate more visitors eventually.

The lessons get a lot of attention on YouTube. Between 100 and 200 visitors visit my course on a daily basis and I find that very welcome. I hope that eventually the videos will show up on the first few pages in the relevant search strings. I already “own” the combination “Nederlands Praten” (=speaking Dutch) on both YouTube and on Google by using effective search engine management.

Paid work is getting a little slower again. This gives me the opportunity to think of what I would like to do with my life next. This includes a new assignment at where I work now. I have a sort of outline that I’d like to present to my current employer. Next week I hope to hammer out the details. On a less fortunate note: my employer is going to move coming weekend, which will make my commute a little longer. Coming Monday I have to figure out how things really work. I have a week off by the end of October, so that time will be spent at home.