Today’s lunch: Chili à la Leann

Today we had Chili for lunch. This will replace our dinner for tonight in which we’ll eat something easy. Leann is into making videos from her recipes and we created a video from this recipe. You’ll find this 3 minute video below. In case the video doesn’t show for you, please click here to find the video on YouTube.


  1. Where are the onions? You’ve got to saute some onions with the ground beef. I’d also add a lot more chili powder and maybe some cayenne (sp?) pepper, but then you know I like it hot. Tell Mickel that the fix he e-mailed me worked and I can see the videos fine now.

    • Well, I know you like it much hotter, lol. I probably should have added onions but I usually don’t. Anyway, this recipe was more of a base line anyway.

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