State of the Union, progress in Dutch Government and Slovakia in the Euro

I plan to spam you a little bit with a few entries. This is because I have a lot on my mind and I would like to split my thoughts in different entries, so you don’t have to read the subjects that don’t interest you. This first entry will probably be the longest.

State of the Union
You might think that I am a couple of month early, since the State of the Union is usually held in January. Well… I am actually on time! Today Mr Barosso (chairman of the European Committee) held his first “State of the Union”; the European Union, that is. This is the first time that this State of the Union is ever held and if you ask me, it might was well be the last time, too. It’s all faked and monkeyed from the State of the Union in the United States. The bottom line of Mr Barosso: “We’re doing okay”. Figures!

Progress in the formation of the Dutch Government
There isn’t any! It’s a very slow progress. One of the political parties got in trouble last week and thus they decided to break off the negotiations. This morning one of the people that was tossing the formation decided to step down and release his seat in the parliament to someone else. Great! The result: “Oh, we are going to try again.”. All this happened while the Queen was wasting her time, trying to find alternatives. It’s a joke. We need a strong Government for the next few years. This show doesn’t look like a strong and decisive Government to me, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Slovakia in the Euro
As of January 1st 2010 Slovakia is within the Euro zone. They are stiring up problems already a little over 8 months into that. Some of you might know that Greece is in the Euro, as well and they are doing really, really bad because of bad judggement and giving wrong figures. Slovakia decided that they don’t want to help Greece where every country within the Euro is actually obliged to do so. I can’t really blame Slovakia and it actually sets a good example for our nation. I wish politicians would stand up here as well. It looks like that it’s not happening, though. At the same time it appears that there won’t be any consequences in Slovakia’s decision. In my opinion they don’t belong in the Euro pact, if they don’t feel like doing their fair share of help. I vote for Slovakia being tossed out again!

All in all there’s a lot of political turmoil going on right now within the EU. To be continued.


    • That would be a bad situation. I think that our political system needs to be reformed. There’s too many different parties that have different ideas. It seems like they don’t know how to compromize. It annoys the heck out of me.

      Hopefully things will work out fine.

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