Prinsjesdag and a plane lands on the I-85 near Atlanta.

Today is so called “Prinsjesdag”. This day is filled with a lot of ceremonial activities. The queen is taken to the parliament by the gold carriage and horses. Security is arranged by the royal guards in official outfit. The queen gives a state of the kingdom and unfolds the plans for the next year. Later in the day the Secretary of Finance takes “the suitcase” which holds the plans in financial detail for the next year to the Government and presents the plans there.

The plans for 2011 are rough. The past two years the Government has overspent which led to larger budget deficits. The next few years those deficits needs to be repaired, which means huge cuts in expenses and costs. Basically this means that everyone will have to pay a little extra. Sad, but true. I have no clue yet how the plans will affect our situation. It also depends on the plans that the new government is making. I guess we’ll see.

This article made it to the frontpage of our national newspaper. It writes that a Piper Saratoga landed on the I-85 near Atlanta during the morning rush hour. It’s a miracle that there were no injuries. The link at the end of the article is a link to a movie on YouTube.


  1. Do you suspect that you will be affected by the cuts in anyway? I’m guessing they will be cutting unemployment benefits and such.

    Thanks for the YT link. That pilot was lucky no car ran into him!

    • With the financial crisis I already have been affected majorly. By loosing my job last year, I went from a steady income of around SEK 35000 a month to social security of around 24000 SEK a month (both gross). That was a huge step back for us.

      Thankfully I am really good with finances and budgets, so I knew how to overcome that huge gap and survive. Even though I have a job now, it doesn’t pay what I used to make. On top of that this is ‘just’ temporarily. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that I am happy and right now I am really happy in and with everything I do. That is more important than any money one makes. I hope that somewhere in 2012 / 2013 the crisis will be behind us and I’ll be able to enjoy a small unemployment force with people that are very wide skilled like I am. I am also thinking of opening my business in the long term. This whole thing with teaching foreigners how to speak Dutch is something I seriously, seriously enjoy! I think I might be able to make good money out of it later on. Now I just enjoy the experience I get in my voluntary work with that.

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