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Another troublesome entry: muslim religion. This religion has become very controversial in The Netherlands. Muslim people are being pointed to for a lot of criminal activities in The Netherlands. This is why our PVV party led by Geert Wilders is so populair, because he claims that he plans to do something against it. I hope we’ll never find out what exactly he plans to do. It appears that the Muslim religion starts to become somewhat controversial in the United States, as well. On 9/11 people plan to demonstrate against a mosque annex Muslim oriented community centre on the close vicinity of Ground Zero. This feeling starts to spread nationwide.

I am curious to read some responses to this news. Is the US changing a little and how do you feel over that?


  1. Well I can’t speak for the US citizens, but with what little I know about NYC (taking into respect how ‘NYC is NOT the USA’), I’m sort of amazed at the uproar of NYC-ers over this! Although they are by far a minority, those protesting the mosque seem to be pretty ferocious. This is weird to me, considering how NYC is a very liberal city overall. I’m sure this is a sign of how things are in the rest of the USA.

    Here in my small town things are even troublesome. There seems to be a divisions between Moroccans and the Turkish. The latter being more progressive and more open to fully integrating in the Dutch community, while the former for all intents and purposes seems to be ‘stuck’ in a very rigid interpretation of their religion, placing them outside the community by doing so. A mutual distrust is sort of the ‘logical’ consequence, sorry to say…

    • I think the drive to integrate varies from person to person, rather than varying from population to population. Geert Wilders and his PVV is not very helpful, either and creates more distrust. In my group “Nederlands Praten” people fortunately are highly motivated to get things done and to learn Dutch. This is where most things start.

  2. There is controversy going on around here regarding the building of mosque here in Antioch and one in Murfreesboro (about 30 miles away). Things are not too bad here in Antioch, but there is a lot of resistance to the mosque in Murfreesboro. Someone has set fire to some of the construction equipment and the FBI is involved in the investigation. The community is pretty well divided over the issue, but this is the United States of America where we have freedom of religion (and freedom from religion for that matter). However much I might disagree with Islam as a religion, as an American citizen I have to grant to these folks the same rights that I claim for myself. The US sure has its share of yahoos in all parts of the country. One out of five Americans believe that President Obama is Muslim (and not a citizen either) when there is clear evidence to the contrary. In this internet age anybody can say anything on line without being held responsible for their actions. I don’t know where we’re going.

    • I hope that all religions will be able to keep living together. It appears that groups of people are being divided more and more. This really worries me.

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