Health issues, price of USD and gold, Halloween and upcoming weekend

The year 2010 seems to be a year full of challenges in family members having health issues. After my grandma and my uncle passing away, we learned that a family member of Leann is having some serious health issues. Right now Leann’s uncle is going through a series of tests to determine what exactly is going on and what battle plan the doctors can come up with. We hope that the doctors will find a way.

The past few years I have been monitoring the gold and silver price and I have been monitoring the USD currency. One of the persons that I sometimes read is Jim Sinclair. He claims that gold eventually will rise to $1650 an ounce. The price now is $1275, so it appears that price is heading that way. It’s interesting that Jim has been telling this for years and that it looks like it’s coming true. The price of silver is also extremely high. I wonder what price that is heading to. Experts claim that the price of the US Dollar is going to down again big time. That is what I also think based on the numbers. Interesting website to watch: US Debt Clock.

The weather here is iffy. It looks like that Autumn really has set in. Lately we have had a lot of rain and it definitely is getting a lot colder. It has its charms, but I was really wanting to have a more sunny and warmer Autumn. We are looking at what exactly we are going to do for Halloween. We think that we skip the Halloween party this year. We are thinking of going to Fright Nights in Walibi World some time. Hopefully the weather will be good then, since two packages will cost € 79. I think that’s a ridiculous price, but what to do?

This weekend I have a haircut appointment and I plan to help my Dad with some insurance things. I look forward to work with my Dad again and help him out. If the weather allows it, I hope to do something fun on Sunday. It’s an outdoor thing, though, so the weather better be nice, because I also would want to take a load of pictures. To be continued…


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