Easy morning, folders, shopping, lunch (sorta) and college football

I am enjoying college football now. I watched and listened to the pre-game College Football Gameday and now Miami (OH) and Florida are going head to head. I expected a lot more from Floriday, though. I guess Meyer agrees with me 🙂

Earlier today I got up early got a few things done on the computer and then went to get some folders from someone that had them left. After coming back at around noon Leann and me went to get groceries. I was thinking of cooking something today and needed a few things. I cooked Fricadel Goreng and creamy beans. It was something new to me and it worked awesome.

On top of that the weather has been really pretty today 😀


  1. Hi,
    I’m watching the Florida/Miami(Ohio) game too. Florida isn’t looking very good. Tennessee plays this evening, but it’s only on here via pay-per-view. I don’t think it will be much of a game either, but it will be interesting to see how Tennessee does under its new coach.

    • Wow! It’s been a while since you commented on the weblog. I was actually about to send you an e-mail to see if everything is okay 🙂

      Florida not looking good? Wow! I believe that really is an understatement. I remember you telling me about season starters and how teams have to move into a routine during the season. I hope for Florida and for Meyer that Florida will move into things soon 🙂

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