Decorations, Autumn, Tennessee Titans and a lazy day

Today we broke out the autumn decorations, or rather… Leann did. Since you have seen the decorations in earlier pictures, I have decided not to take pictures this year. Downstairs it looks like autumn right now. Autumn is really here. It’s getting colder here and we seem to have more rain these days. The decorations therefore suit.

I just finished watching the Titans playing the Steelers. That was an interesting game alright. It was a very harsh and physical game. The Titans entirely sucked. Dixon (Steelers’ backup QB) had to leave the game early due to an injury and even the backup QB of the backup QB couldn’t be stopped by the Titans. It’s a miracle that the game ended in ‘just’ a 11 – 19 loss for the Titans. In the meantime the Steelers are 2 and 0 … WITHOUT Roethlisberger. This is quite interesting and might jeopardize Roethlisberger’s future at the Steelers.

The rest of the day was really lazy. We didn’t do a whole lot but watching some re-runs of yesterday’s College Football games that we couldn’t see.