College Football: amazing play Oregon St @ TCU

I am watching a replay of last night’s game and saw an amazing play. You’ll find this play in the highlights below. To see the play move the sliding bar to 1:12. You will see how the Oregon kicker fooled the TCU defense by passing the ball over the 1st down line instead of kicking it. In the following play Oregon managed to score a touchdown out of this play. It was awesome!


  1. For some reason, your film isn’t coming through. All I’m getting is a blank box with a little red “x” in the upper left hand corner. I didn’t see the play, but this kind of “fake punt” is often used by teams whose punter can pass when they are playing a team with a really strong rush against the punt. It dosen’t always work, but when it does it can be a game changer.

    • That’s odd. The first thing that crossed my mind was that YouTube deleted the video, but they didn’t. It’s still playing on our end. If you click here you’ll be directed to the YouTube video. Was this a game changer? At that point it tied the score. Oregon State lost eventually, though. The play was perfectly executed 🙂

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