Autumn is here! Voluntary work started! Watch what you eat.

Weather experts claim that autumn starts on September 1st. Well… that’s today. In our city it has been a moderately sunny day, which was nice, since we had to get some things done. Today one part of my voluntary work started again. I help people with filling in forms, handle their administration, and so forth. Today noone showed up. I have a meeting with a very local paper next week Tuesday in an attempt to make this work more visible.

We went to the mouth hygenist today, which is always somewhat painful and we shopped around a little more. I wanted a second frying pan from the same collection that we already have. They are a little more expensive, but extremely good. This one is a little smaller, which will work better in certain situations. I also needed a few smaller things.

We have planned to start eating a little healther, so now we’re trying to figure out what works for us. It’ll be a challenge to watch the calories as they come. We should work out and exercise a little more, but… well… you know! So far things look up a little Leann reports that she is already losing some weight. That’s awesome.

All in all it was an extremely productive day for us. I plan to start work early tomorrow, so I can wrap my head around voluntary work a little more.